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Core Analysis

Petrabytes in collaboration with REPSOL developed a core analysis workflow that integrates with Geomechanical Models

Key Features

  • Data mapping of multidisciplinary data along each core sample

  • Indexing and connection to other data sources using PetraHub

  • Detailed core analysis and 3D geomechanical calculations

  • Statistical modeling using built-in R statistical programming engine

  • Dynamic views, updating in real time

  • Advanced search capabilities, applicable to wells, logs, cores, and any other oilfield data type that is connected.


  • Easy to program user-defined statistical models

  • Straightforward to connect and visualize multiple data sources

  • Drag and drop data to create custom views

  • Ability to search for text within data files

  • Easily map data from disparate sources

  • Easily mine data from within large, multidisciplinary datasets

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