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We are committed to Security

Software Security Measures

Data is secured using TLS 1.2 encryption during transmission and AES encryption when stored.

Third-party independent testing for penetration, threats, and vulnerabilities

User access management through single sign-on controls.

Petrabytes fully adheres to GDPR regulations and offers support for data deletion.

Workflow access is controlled based on role-based accounts.

Petrabytes's cloud environments are protected by AWS security protocols.

Persistent Security Engagement

Security Education Programs

Mandatory security awareness training is provided to all team members, encompassing best practices and critical security topics.

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Annual independent penetration testing is conducted to maintain an uncompromised stance on the security of our services.

Defined Security Roles

Our information security program has clearly outlined and documented roles and responsibilities to safeguard our customers' data.

Proactive Security Oversight

Our information security policy aligns with ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards, ensuring proactive governance of data protection.

Audit & Compliance Reviews

Our company undergoes regular reviews through independent assessments to verify the robustness of our security measures.

Vigilant Security Surveillance

Our security and compliance are rigorously monitored to prevent lapses.

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