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Data Scientist / Software Developer


Petrabytes is looking for a full time Software Developer to work on its proprietary scientific software development framework.

Nature of Work
Work involves developing scientific applications using JAVA, Statistics, and Big Data Technologies.


Work Location

Houston, TX

Desired Experience & Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 Years of product development experience.

  • BS  in Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Chemical, Geology, Geophysics

  • MS - Any Science Major


  • Coding experience with Java, C#, Python

  • Version Control – SVN, GIT

  • Core Java Programming – important

  • Netbeans RCP application development. – important

  • Eclipse and Netbeans Environment Experience.

  • User Interface Development using Matisse in Netbeans RCP application

  • 2D and 3D Graphics programming, OpenGL experience - preferred

  • OpenGL, Finite Element modeling background are highly desired.

  • XML & XML Schema development

  • Java FX & Scene Builder

  • Experience in Game Programming - highly desirable.

  • Statistical Software – Matlab, R Programming highly desirable.

  • Web Development Experience - highly desirable.


Serious and really interested candidates can email resumes to info@petrabytes.com